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100 Tablet/s $1.15 $115.00
200 Tablet/s $0.95 $190.00
300 tablet/s $0.79 $239.00
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It is the drug that helps you remain awake and alert in times of narcolepsy. Now, what is narcolepsy? It is the condition that where a person falls asleep during working hours and remnsai awake during the night. You can say the inverse of the sleep-wake cycle. This state is characterized by low alertness, less concentration and productivity is next to zero. The person is yawing most of the time as if he has not slept for a long time.

Modafinil Online keeps the person awake and lets the normal sleep-wake cycle proceed. The situation of narcolepsy sometimes can take a serious shape resulting in fatal injuries as well. Suppose the person is driving and suddenly he gets asleep, this can risk the lives of him and passengers in danger. So, such people should visit the doctor as soon and possible and take Modafinil 200mg from as per the prescription.

Composition of Modafinil Online

The main ingredient of Modafinil 200 mg is Modafinil itself. A mood enhancer you can say that can make your sense alert till it is working. There are various anti-sleep pills available in the market so it is important to consult the doctor before you Buy Modafinil 200 mg Online. Taking it without a proper prescription will make you vulnerable to a lot of side effects.

Manufacturer of Modafinil Online

Who is the manufacturer or the producer? This is an important question in the medical industry because new brands find it hard to attract the trust of doctors and patients. Being an established brand gets the trust and surety from doctors easily because they are the ones that are going to prescribe it to the patients.

Here, the maker is none other than Sun Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. It is known across the world for its products. Started in 1983, it has become one of the biggest pharma manufacturers in the world. No matter where you are residing you can easily get the products of Sun Pharmaceuticals.

Where does Modafinil Online find its use?

Modafinil 200 mg is used in the treatment of narcolepsy if said most briefly. As discussed earlier in narcolepsy the person falls asleep at inappropriate times, always feeling drowsy. If such a person is in charge of a technical and risky job then he might put his life and the lives of people around him in danger too.

It is a mental disorder by the doctors but the exact reason is not known. But high levels of stress, inadequate sleep for many days could be the most favorable causes.

How do Modafinil Online works?

The working mechanism of Modafinil 200 mg is quite interesting. After getting dissolved in the blood vessels of the penis. The main ingredient of the drug Modafinil Online shoots up the level of histamine in the body. It is a neurotransmitter that helps in transmitting messages between organs and the central nervous system. And in narcolepsy, this passage is almost left dormant.

And Modafinil makes this transmission quicker and available all the time. Thus, the person remains becomes fully alert with all his senses.

It is also taken by people to increase their productivity and work for all long hours without taking a break. For working under tight deadlines people usually take such pills to make their mind effectively without feeling fatigued or want to sleep. In the case of super alertness, blood pressure is increased with a high pulse rate and the emergency hormone, adrenaline is also released. The body equips itself to tackle any situation in such a case.


  • With every Modafinil 200 mg pill you take, there comes a set of manuals or precautions which you need to follow or else you will find yourself in deep trouble.
  • Check that the drug is original and purchased from legal sources. This is because nowadays many fake sources or online pharmaceuticals sites offer high price pills but they are cheap alternatives or a different drug. So, take special check and awareness steps before choosing the shop or medical site.
  • One should not take the drug with any alcoholic beverages or any other liquid other than water. Such acts can result in unknown reactions which may be harmful to the body.
  • Make sure the dosage and strength given in the prescription are followed with due accuracy. Make sure that in any case the dosage and strength are not violated. Prescription is the ultimate document given by the expert, the doctor. He is the only person who can give orders to change the prescription.
  • If you are already consuming other drugs at the same time then make sure you refrain from taking Modafinil Online. Both the drugs at the same time can cause excessive alertness resulting in extremely high blood pressure situations. It can cause you hypertension, headache and anxiety.
  • The most important thing is, that never got beyond the prescription. Complete the course given and then only discuss with the doctor about extending the dose or trying a new one.

 Procedure to be followed by taking the drug

  • Consuming the drug is an easy process.
  • Modafinil 200 mg is water-soluble so you can guess that you need to swallow pills with water.
  • Chewing or breaking the pills is not recommended.
  • Make sure you only take the drug with water and no other liquid. Some people have the fantasy of taking the drug with cold drinks and other stuff. Be aware of not performing such acts.

If no improvement is seen

It may happen that you have taken the drug for the full course but there is slight or no considerable improvement in your condition. Many people take the wrong steps by getting into panic mode. Discuss the problem with the respective doctor and he or she will surely find a new through.

Side Effects


One of the minor side effects of Modafinil Online is itching. You may experience regular itching and rashes.


Painful sensations in the brain can be felt which will go after some time.

Who can take the drug?

The drug can be taken by anyone who has been prescribed by the doctor to do so.


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